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Technical Specification for PPE (Personnel Protection Equipment)

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Example of PPE KIT (Actual design may be different)

1.1 Gloves (Double pair) Nitrile

Non-sterile Powder free

Outer gloves preferably reach mid-forearm (minimum 280 mm total length) Different sizes (6.5 & 7)

Quality standards, or equivalent for Gloves:

a) EU standard directive 93/42/EEC Class I, EN 455 b) EU standard directive 89 / 686/EEC Category III, EN 374 c) ANSI/SEA 105-2011 d) ASTM D6319-10

1.2 Coverall (medium and large) Impermeable to blood and body

Single-use / Light colours are preferable to better detect possible contamination Thumb/finger loops to anchor sleeves in place

Quality standard for Goggles:

a. Meets or exceeds to ISO 16603 class 3 exposure pressure, or equivalent 1.3 Goggles

With transparent glasses, zero power, well-fitting, covered from all sides with elastic band / or adjustable holder. Good seal with the skin of the face. Flexible frame to easily fit all face contours without too much pressure. Covers the eyes and the surrounding areas the accommodates for prescription glasses Fog and scratch-resistant. Adjustable band to secure firmly so as not to become loose during a clinical activity. Indirect venting to reduce fogging. Maybe re-usable (provided appropriate arrangements for decontamination are in place or disposable.

Quality standards for Masks :

a. EU standard directive 86/686/EEC, EN 166/2002 b. ANSI/SEA Z87.1-2010

1.4 N-95 Masks

The shape that will not collapse easily High filtration efficiency Good breathability, with an expiratory valve

Quality standards for surgical N95 respirator

a. NIOSH N95, EN 149 FFP2, or equivalent Fluid resistance : minimum 80 mmHg pressure based on ASTM F1862, ISO 22609, or equivalent Quality complaint with standards for particulate respirator that can be worn with full face shield

2. Face Shield Made of clear plastic and provides good visibility to both the wearer and the patient

Adjustable band to attach firmly around the head and fit snuggly against the forehead Fog resistant (preferable), Completely covers the sides and length of the face.

International Specifications for PPE KIT:-

International Specifications:- to be accompanied with certificate of analysis from national /international organizations/ labs indicating conformity to standards

All items: Expiry 5 years

Specification of Triple (three) Layer Face Mask

(9cm x 17cm approx.), Nose clip adaptable. Tie on the mask of nonwoven, hypoallergenic 3 ply construction with a filter in between offering >99% standard with 4 tie strings.)

Specification of N 95 Disposable Particulate respirator

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